Tamba TV

Join host extraordinaire Tin Tin Puulei as he navigates through kine Kaua'i life.

NIGHT TIME SURFING (Posted May 29th 2022) Jae Wood & his friends attempt surfing Kealia on the full moon. Night surf #1 Test with Tin Tin Puulei & the Tamba Team!!

2022 HANALEI LONGBOARD CLASSIC (Posted May 23rd 2022) Watch some of the best heats down in Hanalei! This contest is the longest running contest on Kauai // all the action covered by Tin Tin Puulei

TINS ART SHOW GETS CRAZY! Posted May 16th 2022) Tin Tin Puulei has his 1st ever Art Show on Kauai!  Hosted at the Red House Collective in Kapaa Town, the night was full of good music, fun & laughs.

THE OG TAMBA ARTIST:  WAYNE PANUI (Posted May 9th 2022) Sit down with the man behind the tambo logos since the very beginning. Tin and braddah Wayne talk growing up on Kauai & how the idea of the Tamba Warrior came to life.    (Originally posted very very briefly a month ago).

WE PLANTED OVER 700 TREES!! (Posted April 25th 2022) We raised over $6k for our native trees and saw that money go back into our community 1st hand!!

LOVING MEMORY OF MAKANA HAUOLI (Posted April 18th 2022) 15th Annual Anahola Bodyboard Event!!! All in loving memory of Makana Hauoli. Big mahalos to Makana Keaweamahi (@koofkana) & David Bergstrom (@david_berghouse) for shooting such an awesome event.

HAWAI'I'S MOST UNDER-RATED SHAPER (Posted April 11th 2022) Tin checks out Kauai's old Lawai Cannery to see Will Scovel in action! Hawaii's most underrated shaper is working overtime and he's not going anywhere.

SHAPING WITH BILL HAMILTON (PART 2) (Posted March 28th 2022) The knowledge continues to be passed down! Uncle Billy talks more board shaping, the seedlings him and Dick Brewer planted, as well as his encounter with the Duke himself. It really doesn't get any better.

SHAPING WITH BILL HAMILTON (PART 1) (Posted March 21st 2022) Pro board designer, shaper, and north shore surfer Billy Hamilton walks us through his shaping bay in Kīlauea. Bill gives us some tips and tricks he's learned along the way in a side from Bill that the cameras have never seen.

TALK STORY WITH REEF MCINTOSH (Posted March 14th 2022) 43 years old & still charging, Reef Mcintosh has seen some s#!t. Tin and Reef talk surf spots, making it as a pro surfer on Kauai, and a trip to Alaska that left Reef amazed.

AKILA AIPA TALKS HEALTH @ SUNRISE SHACK (Posted March 7th 2022) Tamba Team pays a trip to 'Sunrise Shack' on Oahu, started by 3 Kauai boys Alex, Travis, and Koa Smith... Akila Aipa talks healthy lifestyle

JAMIE O'BRIEN'S FAVORITE BOARD (Posted February 28th 2022) Tin Checks in with Jamie and takes a tour of his garage to get the stories behind his favorite boards of all time!

DROPPING IN ON KAI BORG (Posted February 21st 2022) Not many people can drop in on the enforcer, , , let's see how it goes for Tin Tin Puulei on this weeks episode.

RETURNING TO O'AHU PART 1 (Posted February 13th 2022) Tamba team back on Oahu! Good fun starts now

BEST PIPE EVER? (Posted February 7th 2022) Best contest pipeline we've ever seen?? You be the judge! New episode Live from Oahu you know what do.

THE END OF THE ROAD (Posted January 31st 2022) Reminiscing on Ke'e Beach w/ Tin Tin & Checking out the new board walk

USABLE FACTS IN NATURE WITH A REAL HAWAIIAN (Posted January 24th 2022) Tin Tin Puulei walks the trail of Limahuli Garden to give you a little insight into what plants grow and thrive on beautiful Kauai!

SUNDAY FUNDAY @ LUMAHAI (Posted January 17th 2022) The NS Boyz explain the rules of Beer Die to our sober Host Tin Tin Puulei down at Lumahai Beach.

2021 MONTAGE VIDEO (Posted January 10th 2022) Look back at some of our best moments of 2021! 2022 gonna be on fire!

Gabriela Bryan in "VISSION 22" (Posted January 3rd 2022) 2021 was an incredible year for our own Gabriela Bryan, but after qualifying for the CT we know that 2022 will be even better. Congrats Gabby! Hard work pays off!


OHANALEI MOVIE NIGHT (Posted December 26th 2021) Movie Night over at Ohanalei. Tin hits the streets to check it out:

We WERE Going to Make Chili Pepper Chicken LOL! (Posted December 19th 2021) In this episode,Tamba TV: The life of cooking for your kids! Sometimes you have to think quick on your feet and adapt! Tin Tin Puulei shows us how

5 FLOWER FACTS (Posted December 6th 2021) In this episode,Tamba TV we take a tour of Limahuli Garden on Kauai and learn some facts about our indigenous flowers!

TIN TIN GOES SHOPPING ONLINE (Posted November 28th 2021) In this episode,Tamba TV Host Tin Tin shops online at Tamba.com

HOW TO COOK A TURKEY HAWAIIAN STYLE WITH TIN TIN (Posted November 22nd 2021) In this episode,Tamba TV Host Tin Tin teaches you how to cook a turkey Hawaiian style for Thanksgiving! 

TIN GOES TO THE RC CAR TRACK (Posted November 16th 2021) In this episode of Tamba TV, Tin Tin takes his kids to the tracks to race RC Cars on Kauai! 

SAVE OUR 'ŌHI'A(Posted November 8th 2021) In this episode of Tamba TV, Kuio Young & Saa Tamba team up with a Pulu X Tamba #collab4acause to save our vital 'Ōhi'a trees.

TALKING STORY @ THE MARKET (Posted October 31ST 2021) In this episode of Tamba TV, Tin takes a walk over to the Wainiha Country Market - Mahalo Auntie Joelle for all that you do for our Kauai Ohana!

ZIPLINE IN KOLOA(Posted October 25th 2021) In this episode of Tamba TV, Join Team rider Kuio Young as he tries out the Sky Bikes @ Koloa Zipline! Good fun!

SNAPT 4 KAUAI (Posted October 17th 2021) In this episode of Tamba TV, the Snapt 4 movie premier.  Mahalo to Logan Dulien & the whole Snapt 4 Crew for allowing Tamba Surf Co. to put a premiere out on Kauai! Unreal surfing & good fun all night long

TURN IT UP W/ JAE WOOD (Posted October 13th 2021) In this episode of Tamba TV, our youngest team rider Jae Wood makes an edit for you all. Winter is coming turn it up!

STRAPPING UP WITH LAZAH (Posted September 30th 2021) Tamba TV guest host Lazah Larry shows us how to strap surfboards to our cars.  Very Important!

LABOR DAY RACES @ CLUB MOTO KAUA'I (Posted September 27th 2021) Whole weekend of fun down at the Wailua track! Club Moto Kauai puts on a great event full of vintage bikes & more

COOKIN' WITH TIN TIN (Posted September 20th 2021) Host Tin Tin Puulei makes some seared ahi Kauai style!

24 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!! (Posted September 14th 2021) Tamba celebrates its 24 year anniversary in Kapaa town! Mahalo nut everyone that came! Kauai & Beyond!!!

AI GOLF TOURNAMENT! (Posted September 6th 2021) 1st Annual Andy Irons Golf Tournament! AI FOREVER!!!

3rd ANNUAL GARDEN ISLE BOOGIE BOARD CLASSIC (Posted August 30TH 2021) Big MAHALO to everyone that put this one on. FOR KAUAI!

MEET GABRIELA BRYAN (Posted August 23rd 2021) Tin Tin Puulei sits down with Gabriela to do a Q & A at one of our local beaches on the East Side of Kauai.

TIE YOUR PAREO w/ Honey Girl (Posted August 9th 2021) In this HOW TO VIDEO, Learn different styles of tying your Sarong/Pareo as Honey Girl explains her favorites.

WATCH KAUAI KOLLAB - Kauai's Favorite Band (Posted July 19th 2021) Here it is! We finally put this video up on YT! Kauai Kollab is one of the best bands on island & Tamba is proud to sponsor such an awesome group of people . BROTHERHOOD . Catch them @ the Nui every week . Aloha!

Imu - How to Build a Hawaiian Style Oven (Posted July 11th 2021) Learn how to Build a Hawaiian Imu!- Tin cooks with an underground oven Kaua'i style

Shoulders Like Bouders (Posted July 5th 2021) The boyz go hunting in the "Shoulders Like Boulders" hunting tournament!!

GOOD TIMES @ Pulu Pāʻina! (Posted June 28th 2021) Tin heads to Lihue! Local business Salt+Sea teams up with sponsored surfer Kū'i'o'okalani Young, as they put together a summer kick off with Live Music, Art, and Clothing for sale.

QNA: TITUS KANEHE (Posted June 20th 2021) Team rider and extreme sports athlete Titus Kanehe, comes home to talk with Tin Tin about extreme sports, the WSL, & what Tamba means to him.

SHOW UP AND BLOW UP! (Posted June 12th 2021) Show-up & Blow-up! Surprise skate contest in Kapaa Town,

BOAR'S NEST! (Posted June 8th 2021) Tin takes a trip to Kilauea to train @ the Boars Nest on North Shore Kauai

LETS GO RACING! (Posted May 30th 2021) Racing is back on Kauai! Watch Tin hit the Wailua track to watch the first AMA Sanctioned Race since the start of COVID.

MAY DAY IN HANALEI (Posted May 24th 2021) Tin spends May Day @ some of our favorite spots in Hanalei town!

RESTORING THE REEFS OF ANAHOLA (Posted May 17th 2021) Tin spends some time down in Anahola working with the Koʻolau Limu Restoration Project. Kauai's own Nalani Kaneakua gives us more info on the state of our reefs, and what we can do to help. For more info on how to get involved go to http://kuahawaii.org/limu-hui/

TIN GETS SOME JUICE @ ALOHA AINA (Posted May 9th 2021): Tin takes a trip to good friend Misha Laney, sole owner of Aloha Aina Juice Café, to talk business, art, and water

DAY WITH KAMALEI @ MODERN HAWAIIAN COLLECTIVE (Posted April 28th 2021): Tin cruises Kapaa town to meet up with Kamalei & get more info on Kauai's newest brand


TAMBA GONE FISHING PART 1 (Posted April 16th 2021): Tin goes fishing with team-rider Jae Wood at one of Kauai's local fishing spots

TAMBA GONE FISHING PART 2 (Posted April 23rd 2021): Tin goes on a fishing trip down the Napali Coast with Local Captain Nick "Whitey" White. Deep Sea Fishing Tamba style!