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Tamba TV

Join host extraordinaire Tin Tin Puulei as he navigates through kine Kaua'i life.

TIN GETS SOME JUICE @ ALOHA AINA (Posted May 9th 2021): Tin takes a trip to good friend Misha Laney, sole owner of Aloha Aina Juice Café, to talk business, art, and water

DAY WITH KAMALEI @ MODERN HAWAIIAN COLLECTIVE (Posted April 28th 2021): Tin cruises Kapaa town to meet up with Kamalei & get more info on Kauai's newest brand


TAMBA GONE FISHING PART 1 (Posted April 16th 2021): Tin goes fishing with team-rider Jae Wood at one of Kauai's local fishing spots

TAMBA GONE FISHING PART 2 (Posted April 23rd 2021): Tin goes on a fishing trip down the Napali Coast with Local Captain Nick "Whitey" White. Deep Sea Fishing Tamba style!

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