Surf Lessons

Learn to Surf!

Hawai'i is a world-class surfing destination, and Kaua'i has been the breeding ground for some of the best in the water. Kaua'i has many quality surf spots, each one offering a various mixture of opportunities and challenges.

It's a thrill to ride the waves no matter what level of experience you might while you're here, why not take the first steps towards Pipeline glory?

Tamba surf lessons offer the best possible experience:

-Kind, Knowlegable Instruction: Our instructor is a lifeling surfer with over 12 years of teaching experience. Whether you are brand new to surfing or looking to learn more, your session will be tailored to build your skills while having a great time.

-Favorable Surf Conditions: All lessons are subject to ocean and weather conditions at the instructor's discretion. Flat surf, garbage waves, brown water, lightning, or other poor quality situations are all cause to delay or cancel a surf lesson, at no cost to you. No one knows day to day how things are going to shape up, so if conditions aren't right, then lessons will be rescheduled. We'll do it right or not at all.

-Location Location Location: Your instructor will choose to one of several great surf beaches, all depending on those conditions we mentioned. You'll get an hour and a half of pure surf instruction.

-Results: We guarantee you will stand up on your first session!

How To Book:
While on-island, come to Tamba Surf Company to check surf conditions and connect with the instructor to schedule a time. Lessons cannot be booked in advance due to the unknown conditions, we can normally only set up times within a day or two of your inquiry.  Rates are $125 per person (in group) for 1.5 hours of instruction, or $225 for private lesson.  Soft-top boards are included for the lesson.  Rental boards are available at Tamba after the lesson!