4x4 Surfboard

The 4x4 is another essential board for your quiver. The 4x4 is a quad fin fish that should be ridden 2 to 4 inches shorter than the surfers height, or the same as surfers height for novice, heavier or weaker paddlers. The shorter you ride them the skatier they feel.. The 4x4 is designed to be ridden in slower waist to shoulder hi surf but can be surfed in all kinds of waves. The 4x4 features a flatter but curvy, nose to tail rocker(4"nose/2"tail) with a single to double concave going into slight Vee off the tail. The orientation of the quad fins along with the board's forgiving rails allows the rider to do on rail turns in the pocket on extremely small waves versus the traditional flatter/trackier turns of typical small wave fishes. This fish has a very drivey yet loose feel... If you want to catch all the waves you paddle for and have a smile on your face after your session get on a 4x4.

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