Tamba Custom Surfboards

Best top rated surfboards on Kaua'i.  Custom designed boards with Tamba branding, made by and for surfers.  Scroll down to see available models.

We always have a revolving stock of new surfboards on hand, click here to see what is currently in stock.


Tamba now ships direct to Delta-based airports at an economy price!  We ship it, you drive to your local Delta airport to get it.  Our introductory price for packing/shipping a new Tamba surfboard starts at just $209.95!!!

Our new airport-direct shipping service makes our boards competitively priced.  Here are two examples of our new introductory pricing:

Los Angeles (LAX): $209.95 packing/shipping.

Fort Lauderdale (FLL): $269.95 packing/shipping.

Tamba also offers same-day 20% discount on all accessories (fins, pads, etc), making it your one-stop online surf shop.  Top that with personalized customer service, a real person who works with you to get the perfect board, and you can't miss!

Order your Tamba board today, or contact us to order a custom-built surfboard designed to your exact specs.

Custom boards are always available.  Our expert shapers build your board to your exact specifications, and the shapers can consult with you as needed during the process.  Normal turnaround time is 8 weeks from the time order is placed, plus shipping time to you.  Email Tamba to request an order form or learn more.


Board Length Base Price With One Option** With Two Options** With Three Options** With Epoxy
Up to 6'5" $470 $500 $530 $560 Add $85
6'6" to 6'11" $495 $525 $555 $585 Add $90
7'0" to 7'5" $510 $540 $570 $600 Add $90
*plus custom options if any are requested, price will be quoted from the shaper. Prices above do not include sales tax or shipping.
**options cover quad or 5-fin fin style, carbon fiber, and rail grooves.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Shipping Information

Shipping fees are determined at time of purchase.  Expect a cost of $250-$400 for shipping to California, other mainland locations cost more.  There is a maximum size limit of 7.5 feet board length for shipping to mainland.  Inter-island shipping may not have the same size limitation, and cost is lower than for mainland shipping.

Here's a list of surfboard designs we normally have available.  If you are on Kaua'i, stop in and see what's in stock.


HP (High Performance) Model Tamba Surfboard

High Performance Shortboard

The HP is the essential modern shortboard featuring a fuller curvier outline and is designed to be ridden in waist to ceiling high waves. The board is best ridden 1" shorter than the surfers height or as tall as the surfer.. This board has continuous curve thru the rocker hiding 5" nose rocker and over 2 1/2 inch tail rocker which allows the board to be loose in the pocket and off the top. Concave wise the HP features a full single concave nose to tail or a full single concave with a double concave sunk in the last third of the board.

4x4 Model Tamba Surfboard

The 4x4 Quad Fish

The 4x4 is another essential board for your quiver. The 4x4 is a quad fin fish that should be ridden 2 to 4 inches shorter than the surfers height, or the same as surfers height for novice, heavier or weaker paddlers. The shorter you ride them the skatier they feel.. The 4x4 is designed to be ridden in slower waist to shoulder hi surf but can be surfed in all kinds of waves. The 4x4 features a flatter but curvy, nose to tail rocker(4"nose/2"tail) with a single to double concave going into slight Vee off the tail. The orientation of the quad fins along with the board's forgiving rails allows the rider to do on rail turns in the pocket on extremely small waves versus the traditional flatter/trackier turns of typical small wave fishes. This fish has a very drivey yet loose feel... If you want to catch all the waves you paddle for and have a smile on your face after your session get on a 4x4.

The Dagger Model Tamba Surfboard

The Dagger is our newest "step down" board. Perfect for small conditions, or for guys wanting to get the best out of a session without having to go to a fishier board. Goes great in those gutless waves, and really charges in more powerful waves too. Low rocker with added width in the nose and tail makes it a very versatile board. We recommend you order 1-2" shorter and 1/2" wider than your standard shortboard. Available from 5'6 to 6'3

Squish Model Tamba Surfboard

The Squish is our most popular small-wave board.  Flat Rocker, added volume, and a wide outline make it perfect for summertime or in-between winter swells.  Single concave with a double under your backfoot making it easier to transition from rail to rail.  Recommended with a squash tail and should be ridden 3-4" shorter, 1" wider, and a little thicker than your everyday shortboard.  Available 5'5" to 6'2".

Stomper Model Tamba Surfboard

The Stomper is a big guy shortboard. A wide, curvy outline with plenty of thickness throughout. Full, forgiving rails with single-to-double concave. The Stomper is also a good board for inexperienced surfers who are trying to surf a conventional surfboard. It can be ordered with any tail design, but it comes "stock" with a squash or thumbtail.

Slingshot Model Tamba Surfboard

Step Up Model Tamba Surfboard

Uncle Model Tamba Surfboard