Rock Quarry Beach

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Rock Quarry beach, Rock Quarries, or Kahili Beach lies in the gateway to Kilauea. The main entrance to the half mile stretch of powdery white sand can be accessed from the main highway (#56 aka Kuhio Hwy). Coming from either direction, you turn makai onto Wailapa Road, which is marked by a large white "Na Aina Kai" sign.

This is a residential area and even has it's own fruit and smoothie stand at the Fehring Family Farm. The best way to learn about the area you are visiting is to stop and spend some time with some locals. Support their way of living and they will gladly give you some insider information while grabbing a refreshing smoothie. After the fruit stand is a bumpy dirt and gravel road that leads to the beach. Take your time and yield to on comers.
Once you reach the bottom of the road, the parking lot is pretty much a free for all. Just use common sense and make sure everyone else has room to get by.  The path to the beach is quite magical and peaceful. You will want to keep your footwear on for this short walk to the sand.
To the left you will see the river that can be explored by stand up paddle board or kayak. Tamba rents SUPs at the Kapa'a shop, as well as surfboards and body boards, and we can provide complimentary roof racks for all rentals.

To the right you will see the beach! You can start making your way to the sand on any path, but the Warrior perfers to take the path all the way to the end. If you are planning on surfing, take the first path and start checking out the surf conditions. By observing other surfers, you will get a feel of where exactly you will want to paddle out.
Summer months are calmer and might be OK for the beginner surfer. During the winter months, the shore break can be very powerful. Never turn your back to the ocean. The far left part of the beach, near the river mouth, is the best spot for a dip during more extreme conditions.
There are lots of shaded areas to set up camp for the day. This makes for a great adventurous location for the whole family. The end of the path is where the river meets the ocean, the best spot for swimming, learning how to surf, and fishing. There is a super fun rope swing at the very end of the beach path. Be careful!
To the far right of the beach, there are rocks to explore and a second hidden beach. For more privacy, this is the spot for you. The water here is rougher then the river mouth.

In the late afternoons, this beach becomes an unofficial community dog park. It’s pretty much a free for all for the animals. If you have a child or family member with Cynophobia (fear of dogs) steer clear of this beach, as the dog owners do not head to the leash rule here.
"Malama Ka Aina" means protect the land. While visiting this and ANY beach, always pack your trash and be aware of your impact on your surroundings. Take only photos and leave only footsteps.

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