Lydgate Beach Park

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Now here is a beach that has something for everyone.  A safe place to swim, picnic and play, watch the sun rise, with a full set of park amenities, and even camp, all in a clean and easily accessible location.

Lydgate Beach Park is located on the east side of Kauai, the 'Coconut Coast', just south of the Wailua River. It has lifeguards, restrooms, showers, a great playground for the keiki, picnic and barbeque spaces, a frisbee golf course, and two protected ocean ponds that are perfect for safe swimming and learning to snorkel. The park is also on the bike path that runs up and down the east side of the island.

The park and ocean here are used for swimming, picnics, camping, fishing, surfing, diving, and beachcombing. Many local families use the facilities for parties, family reunions, and just for daily use too.

Morgan's Pond is the name of the rock-enclosed ponds that allow ocean water and small fish in, but protect from ocean waves and currents.  The ponds almost always have tropical fish swimming in them, and the spot is popular with both locals and visitors.  There's a larger and a smaller pond. 

Lydgate Beach has two miles of shoreline and the Kamalani Playground (a 30,000-square-foot playground, one of the largest playgrounds in Hawaii), Kamalani Bridge, and Kamalani Pavilion, constructed from donated funds from the Kauai community to honor all of Kauai's children. The large pavilion is famous for weddings and other celebrations, but most people visit Lydgate to take advantage of the protected swimming areas and other recreational opportunities.

Lydgate is a County Park and camping is managed by the county.  Reservations and fees are handled at

While enjoying Lydgate Park, please help to keep it clean by picking up all trash, even if it is not yours, and help us to keep Kauai beautiful.  Be respectful and always spread Aloha.

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