Andy Irons

I don't exactly remember who Andy lost to - but he wasn't happy. The first thing he did after setting foot on the beach was give his beautiful Eric Arakawa a proper left hook... on the bottom of the board are Andy's first, second, and third knuckles of his left hand, neatly imprinted, as he intended.
After a few close heats, Andy's closest competitor in the event lost and he was crowned his first of three consecutive World Titles there at Sunset Beach.
We all won that day. We all were involved in each other's lives, and Andy always included us in all of his achievements and victories.
Later that evening at the Red Bull house we were all celebrating and there it was, the "board". Afte declaring it mine for caddying, Makua then decided that Andy gave it to him. A pretty good tug-of-war ensued but I had the side with the fins to pull, so naturally it came home to Kaua'i. Andy gave Makua a similar board and he was happy.
Upon finding a new home here at Tamba, Andy making one of his usual stops, signed the board to Tamba - It was classic AI ... always willing to help a brother out in any way he could. The Ahead sticker is my company I created, and he put it (maybe I did) way up on the board, where it's big $$ to advertise.
I feel like this board has brought Tamba good luck! May it do the same for you.

"Andy Irons Forever"
-Kamalei Alexander