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Tamba Surf Co. rider profile

Tamba Crew

Posted on February 21 2014

    Tamba Surf Co. feels so proud to have such great surfers as well as just great people on our surf team.  Reef McIntosh, is without a doubt one of the hardest chargers on the planet and a great role model.  Reef, is definitely a surfer/person young people can really look up to.  Reef looks up to and thanks his Dad, Titus Kinimaka, Selso Manual, Terry Chun, Tom Curran, Dane Kealoha, and Jeff Stinner just to name a few there are many more...  His favorite surf spots are Kauai, Pipeline, Chopos, Puerto Econdido, etc...

"Never give up on your dreamz!!!  Work hard and they will come true!!!  Trust me I am living proof!!!"  Reef McIntosh   



Reef at the Volcom Pipe Pro this past January.

This photo was taken during one of his heats.


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