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Tamba Mini Tanker Surfboard

Tamba Mini Tanker Surfboard


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The Tamba Mini Tanker is the all around “fun shape” in our line of boards.. Great for beginners to expert surfers. The miniTank has plenty design features(medium continuous rocker and triple concave thru vee off the tail) which allow for performance maneuvers and plenty foam/surface area to catch everything you paddle for with ease.  

Picture shown is stock photo.

Shipping Information

Shipping fees are calculated and billed for separately. Expect a cost of $250-$400 for shipping to California, other mainland locations cost more. There is a maximum size limit of 7.5 feet board length for shipping to mainland. Inter-island shipping may not have the same size limitation, and cost is lower than for mainland shipping. Email Tamba if you would like a definitive shipping quote before you purchase.