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HP Grom Fishtail 5ft 5inch #20415

HP Grom Fishtail 5ft 5inch #20415


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5'5" x 17.5 x 2.1


Tri fin setup

The HP is the essential modern shortboard featuring a fuller curvier outline and is designed to be ridden in waist to ceiling high waves. The board is best ridden 1" shorter than the surfers height or as tall as the surfer.. This board has continuous curve thru the rocker hiding 5" nose rocker and over 2 1/2 inch tail rocker which allows the board to be loose in the pocket and off the top. Concave wise the HP features a full single concave nose to tail or a full single concave with a double concave sunk in the last third of the board.

Picture shown is stock photo, stock grom boards do not have carbon..  Shipping fees not included.

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