Long Board Rental (9'+)

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There is nothing in the world like paddling out to your favorite surf spot on a longboard. The quickness of the glide and the ease of sliding into your first wave of the day is reason enough to choose the multi-condition friendly performance of a longboard. Whether it's time to hang ten like a pro or push your kid onto their first wave, Tamba has long boards to get the whole family stoked on surfing! 

We will try to make your surfing experience on Kaua’i as fun and enjoyable as possible. When renting a board from our 100% local staff, you will receive all the tips and tricks for catching the best waves possible. Our expert surfer staff members will suggest surf spots for the time of the year you are visiting and your skill level. We offer assistance with transporting your boards by providing FREE durable soft surf racks and manpower to help got your board on your vehicle.

We can get your board on your car no matter the size. For novice surfers, we will take the time to show you how to get your boards safely on and off your vehicle. 

Why pay airline fees when you have a whole quiver on Kaua’i !? Take your wife or husband to dinner instead. ;)

You can rely on Tamba Surf Company for all your wave riding needs on Kaua'i.

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LongBoard $25.00/day
Rental rates shown below, and on each product page, are per-day