Team Tamba Baseball

Meet Team Tamba!

These boys and 1 girl proudly represent Kapa'a town Little League  for the winter season.  Coaches Kiko Kanealii, Kea Kanealii, Kanaka Manintin, and Darrell Rapozo worked super hard to show these kids some old school baseball skills. They had 2 wins and 4 losses but they play their hearts out and have a ton of fun! 

2016-17 Rooster

Shayden Yamaguchi #16, Kaeo Rita-Tupou #11, Rylan Yamaguchi #66, Austin Lee #7, Kian Rapozo #5, Koa Manintin #99, Bob Maintain #12, Brayden Toguchi #14, Kimo Kupihea #13, Kahiapo Kuhaulua-Leong #3, Kaheleiki Pa #15, Lele Kealoha #26, Blake Braun #22, Jacob Danley #9, and Kaikoa Kaakaole

All the coaches and kids are wearing 2.0 Patch Snapback hats and 2.0 Color Fade Soft short sleeve shirt. 

Keep playing hard and remember, dreams do come true! 

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