Kealia Beach, Kaua'i

  • Lifeguards
  • Surf spot
  • Sandy beach
  • Fishing
  • Bathrooms and outdoor showers
  • Off road parking

kealia beach, kauai, kapaa, surf board rental, tamba

Just a few minutes drive North of Kapa’a town is the a big sandy beach called Kealia beach. This is the closest surf spot to the Tamba Surf Shop where you can rent surfboards and boogie boards and can be easily seen from Kuhio Highway. Surf at Kealia is very consistent and has a wide sand bar on the inside and an outer reef break. Make sure you watch the surf for at least 15 minutes before paddling out. Conditions do change rapidly with wind swells and tide change. If you aren't sure about your skill level, check in with the friendly lifeguards on duty. If in doubt, don't go out!

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kauai, kealia beach, surfer, vacation, surf spot, ryder guest

Kealia is a large sandy beach great for long walks when the surf is too big for swimming. Lots of locals can be found walking their dogs on leashes, surfing the beach break, and spending the day fishing from the rock jetty. This is a great beach to spend the day because of it's facilities and close proximity to several restaurants and food trucks in Kapa'a town. Visitors should always check in with the lifeguard stand that is located in the center of the beach for valuable information on strong currents and wave conditions. You can also ask the lifeguards about jellyfish or shark sightings.

kauai, kealia beach, surfer, vacation, surf spotkauai, kealia beach, surfer, vacation, surf spot, life guard, family,

Kids will want to spend hours playing in the sand at Kealia! Make sure you bring an umbrella and lots of sunscreen lotion, as there are not any shady areas on the beach. You will never be bored at this beach as it is a super popular surf spot. Watching the locals rip up the shore break is super entertaining and the best free surf show in the East side! This is also a great spot to watch the sunrise. 

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Be careful when navigating the parking lot. It is not paved and is super bumpy. On the South end of the beach, you will find a river mouth and beautiful views of the whole area.

kauai, kealia beach, surfer, vacation, surf spot, fishingkauai, kealia beach, surfer, vacation, surf spot, ryder guest, shower, naupaka,

If you are staying nearby in Kapa’a, the bike path, Ke Ala Hele Makalae, follows the coast right up to Kealia Beach and more. When riding on the bike path you can spot whales in the winter and dolphins in the summer. There are bathrooms and showers on the North side (far left when facing the ocean) of the beach. This is also where you will find covered picnic tables and the calmer, protected side for swimming and boogie boarding when conditions permit. Always lock up your car and take your valuables with you. 

When looking for a family friendly, conveniently located, entertaining beach, Kealia has it all. Enjoy! 



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